Here’s why you need an Albuquerque truck accident lawyer

It is hard to stay calm after a truck accident. Unfortunately, accidents involving trucks and big commercial vehicles are on the rise, not just in New Mexico, but many other states in the US. If you ever get injured in such an accident, consider consulting one of Albuquerque semi-truck accident lawyers, to understand the scope of your personal injury claim. In this post, we are discussing more on why you must get a lawyer after a truck accident in New Mexico. 

Truck accidents are complex

Who should you blame after a truck accident? Was the driver distracted or intoxicated? What if there was an issue with manufacturer parts of the truck? What if the vehicle was poorly repaired? What if the trucking company hired an untrained driver? The biggest issue in case of truck accidents is establishing fault and liability. It can be hard to understand what or who caused the accident. Your attorney, when you hire one, will do their investigation of the case, which can help with your personal injury case. 

Because big insurance companies are at play

Another big reason why you must hire a truck accident lawyer is because trucking companies work with top insurance companies. These insurers have the best legal resources at disposal, and many companies do adhere to bad faith insurance tactics, just to reduce the compensation they pay. Hire an attorney, so that you don’t need to fear the parties at fault. Top attorneys don’t step back from filing a case, no matter the insurance company or trucking business. 

You don’t have a lot of time

The statute of limitations in New Mexico allows just three years to file a truck accident case, after the accident. While that may look like a lot of time, most of the crucial evidences and witnesses can disappear soon after. You need to act quickly, gather evidence, and ensure the case is strong enough to be pursued. Top law firms in Albuquerque have the lawyers working for them, and the right lawyer will do everything to build a case.  

Injuries can be severe

Because of the sheer size of the vehicle, even a small truck accident can have devastating consequences. When you have suffered serious injuries, you don’t want just the medical bills, but compensation for future losses, like loss of income. 

Hire an attorney, so that you can maximize your settlement from the truck accident case.