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Virginia Workers’ Compensation Claim: Do you need a lawyer

There’s nothing more traumatic than getting injured at work. If you were injured in such an unfortunate accident, you can claim damages through workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance in Virginia is a no-fault insurance, so no matter what caused the accident, you can seek compensation, depending on your circumstances. The insurance also offers some immunity to employers – An injured employee cannot directly sue the employer. The Workers’ Compensation System may seem simple on paper, but getting a fair settlement can be hard. That’s where you can contact a Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer. The biggest question is – Do you need an attorney in the first place? Here are some aspects to know. 

Negotiations would be easier

Insurance companies have their own tactics to minimize the settlements they pay. If you are not good with negotiations, you may not get the right figure. Your attorney is in charge of ensuring that you get the best possible settlement possible. Top workers’ compensation lawyers know the worth of a claim when they see one, and they will try to recover the maximum, covering your medical bills, cost of other treatments, and lost wages. 

Strategy is important

Another big reason why you may want an attorney is to save time and have a clear strategy for your claim. When you are working with the right workers compensation lawyer, they will ensure that your claim is not delayed or denied, deadlines are adhered to, and your interests are protected. 

Get help with paperwork

Many injured workers hire an attorney because they don’t want to deal with insurance-related paperwork and settlement documents. Your lawyer will ensure that all other benefits, such as Medicare, are retained. They can also file the documents needed, including MSA documents where applicable. 

Stay back home and recover

When you hire a workers compensation lawyer, it’s like an assurance that an expert is looking into your claim. You can use the time to rest and recover, without the stress. The only thing that matters is the experience of attorney. 

Final word

So, how much does it cost to hire a workers compensation lawyer in Virginia? That depends. Some lawyers work on a contingency fee, others may charge an hourly rate. The type of case, expected settlement, and work for the lawyer, are some factors that determine the even cost of hiring an attorney. The benefits, however, are hard to ignore. Contact an attorney soon after the accident.