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Facts about Two-Phase Orthodontics – Morrisville

Do you feel that your kid’s teeth are malaligned or are not erupting at the right time? There is a possibility that your kid requires orthodontic correction of teeth. Depending on the severity of your child’s problem, an orthodontist may recommend two-phase orthodontics. This blog will discuss facts about two phase orthodontics in Morrisville:

What is Two-phase orthodontics?

As the name suggests, it involves treatment at two different times. In the first phase, the child’s main problem is solved, like the teeth crowding, spacing, extraction of teeth, or correction of any oral habit. The second phase involves the modification of the smile or closure of the remaining spaces with the help of braces or Invisalign.


This treatment aims to correct the kid’s dental problem at the earliest. It will ensure that adequate space is available for all the permanent teeth to erupt in the mouth. It also interrupts a child’s prolonged thumb sucking habit, abnormal swallowing pattern, or lip biting habit. Correction of crowded teeth, overbite, and jaw deformities are addressed. Corrective surgeries when the child is growing to correct the upper and lower jaw relationship are planned.

Resting period

Usually, the first phase of orthodontic treatment is followed by a resting period before the second phase of treatment can be started. Phase one of the treatment is usually planned when the child is of 6-9 years of age, and phase two is designed in the child’s teenage years. The second phase usually starts when all the permanent teeth have erupted to set them in a more esthetic position in the mouth.

Appliances Used

Different types of orthodontic appliances are used to correct the child’s problem. Quad helix or rapid palatal expanders treat narrow arches and crowded and malaligned teeth. Lingual holding arch and molar distalizers are the appliances used as space maintainers for the early exfoliated teeth. The vestibular screen is used in children having a habit of mouth breathing, and the tongue crib is used for tongue thrusting and thumbsucking habits.


Not all kids require orthodontic treatment, but some kids with malaligned teeth may require treatment. Treatment at the earliest is advised in such a scenario. Keeping track of your child’s deciduous teeth exfoliation and permanent teeth eruption is of utmost importance. In case of any doubts, do not hesitate to consult a dentist.