Difference Between Prosecuting Attorney And Defense Attorney  

Everyone who watches suits shows interest in understanding the legal world. To be honest, being a part of this world is great because you learn how different minds work uniquely. However, if you wish to create a career just by seeing such shows, you need to research a little bit more about this industry.


Being an attorney doesn’t just mean that you dress sharp and go for clue hunting adventure. The real world is much more dynamic and complex. Let’s begin with understanding the who defense, and prosecuting attorneys are.


The basics

There is a constant tug of war between the prosecutor and defense attorney. The prosecutor tries their best to show that the defendant is guilty, while the defense tries to prove the innocence. A law enthusiast must understand this simple difference to decide which side to pursue.


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The job roles

The prosecutor’s goal is to ensure that the defendant is charged with a crime or crimes for not following the rules. The judicial system doesn’t consider the accused to be guilty until proven otherwise. So, the prosecuting attorney should find evidence and proofs that justify the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

The defendant has an advantage with the case because they don’t have to worry about proving the innocence. Since the accused is already innocent until proven guilty, the defendant attorney simply needs to find the points that confirms the innocence. However, they will have to go through all the details of the case and determine why the accused should be given the waiver.

The Employment

Usually, the prosecutor is always a public officer. Since, they represent the best interest of the public and epitomize the office of the district attorney. The prosecutor is subsidized by the public coinage. So, they are required to be on the side of justice and prosecute the criminals and penalize the guilty.

Thought it isn’t the same when it comes to a defendant attorney. You can see public as well as private attorney. When the accused is unable to find a private attorney or cannot afford one, the court of justice provides them with a public defendant. Of course, the pay is much higher of the private attorneys but, both public prosecutor and defendant is offered with an handsome pay.

Final thoughts

While the prosecutor is exclusive only for criminal cases, the defendant attorney gets a bit of lenience of working for civil cases as well. Whichever side you choose, there are equal roles and responsibilities that the attorney should abide by.

The prosecutor protects the public from criminals roaming freely amongst the public. They can also offer a second chance and hope for the ones who are longing for one. Meanwhile, the defendant has the power to fight for the innocent ones from being charged with unfairly.

And for the ones who cannot decide which side to be on, there is always Paralegal for you! This professional gets the opportunity to research and analyses different parts of the law. Hence, they are required to be detail-oriented, efficient, and adaptable!

One case might want information from different subjects of law. In such cases, you are required to assist the attorney by providing the information that they need. Researching, preparing briefs, organizing interviews are some of the parts of job description.