How to Hire an Assault Defense Lawyer

You never know when you will land on the wrong side of the law. From time to time, it happens to even some of the most innocent people around. You need to understand how to hire an assault defense lawyer if arrested on the charges of assault.

The Need for an Assault Defense Lawyer

One of the worst mistakes you can ever commit is to represent yourself in an assault charge. When charged, you are dealing with experienced prosecutors who know how to provide evidence even when you think there is none. You also won’t mount any proper defense against some of the top prosecutors who deal with such cases almost daily. You need an assaultdefense attorney to help you collect and present evidence. The lawyer will also help you answer questions from the civil defense attorney if you are the accused.

The other importance of the lawyer is to help you understand your charges. They will help you know what exactly you are getting charged with and the possible repercussions. Afterward, the lawyer will help you determine if you take a plea or mount defense.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Not every criminal defense lawyer is right for you. Before you decide to work with a lawyer, take time to understand if they are the best fit for you. 

Here are some of the questions to ask the lawyer to determine their suitability to your case;

Background and Experience

You need a lawyer who has the expertise to represent you fully in a court of law. Ask the lawyer about their schooling and for how long they have been practicing. You also need to determine if they major in your nature of charges.

You also need to establish the kind of relationship they have with the defense attorney and the prosecution. Also, ask how often their clients take pleas and their success rate.

Case Management

You need to establish your interactions before you start working on the case. Establish the channels of communications, their availability to handle the case, and how often you will be keeping in touch.

Only work with the lawyer if you are sure they will give your suit the priority and time it deserves.Lawyers at Schwartz criminal defense firm have the resources both human and financial, to handle your case promptly. 

Legal Fees

One of the major concerns when it comes to hiring a lawyer is the cost. Establish the rates of the lawyer and only work with them when comfortable.

Consider researching and asking around for various firms to get a suitable charge. Otherwise, you shouldalso understand that premium lawyers cost more.

Assessing your Case 

One of the reasons to hire a lawyer is to understand your case better. Ask the lawyer about the nature of your case. Let them inform you of possible outcomes and the legal options. 


Hiring an assault defense lawyer is vital, whether innocent or guilty. Take time to look for an experienced lawyer who had the expertise to represent you against the top prosecutors. Determine the suitability of defense for your case by looking into their experience, case management, and legal fees.