Why is It Important to Buy Title Bond?

Title bonds are also called a vehicle title bond, and it is required when you transfer or sell a vehicle that has no title. When you make replacement of a vehicle, proof of ownership is required, and this is called the title bond. This bond is required even if you have lost or the bond is stolen. If you purchased a vehicle with no title and from where you have purchased the vehicle is out of business or that you have made your own vehicle, you need to make the bond. 

If an individual makes cases of possession on an automobile whose titles were missing at an earlier point, the bond guarantees that all pertinent damages will be paid, for cars with lost or stolen titles, the surety bond works as a certification of title, providing a tidy record as well as genuine evidence of ownership. The term of the title bond usually is three years.

In principle, the title bond Texas, just like any guaranty bond, three parties make the bond. You are the principal as the vehicle owner, the obligee is the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state, and the one providing the bond is the surety.

Within the terms of the bond, If a claim is made, as well as the claim is confirmed, the surety that has underwritten the bond will compensate the damages approximately the chastening amount of the bond. After that, you will be required to reimburse it totally; however, as this is the problem of bonding. That’s why obtaining a title bond should be done just for vehicles that you own, as a claim can be fairly expensive.

Lost Vehicle Title Bond Price

The bonding amount needed by your state’s Division of Motor Vehicles is the existing value of the automobile, which is assessed considering its market value and condition. Thus, if it’s approximated to cost $20,000, this will be the bond demand.

You will need to pay just a percentage of this sum, however. The premium usually is 1.5% of the evaluated vehicle cost. When it comes to a $20,000 evaluation, this indicates you will need to pay $300. Several guaranties have minimum costs, usually around $100.