When can you handle the Claim Process on your Own?

In a majority of situations, you would be capable of handling your claim through the insurance in front of small claims court on your own. Most of the times, you would look forward to seeking the advice and assistance of a qualified Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer. It would be dependent on the severity of the injuries along with the legal elements entailed in the accident.

Managing your case

In case, you were attempting to handle your claim independently only to hire a specialized attorney later would add more complications to the claim. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to understand your capability and what you have at stake before contemplating to handle your claim case on your own. In the event of you being unsure about what you would be required to do and how to handle a claim, you should consider getting in touch with an attorney instantly after you have an injury. The consultation with the professional attorney would help you find out whether you should invest in the attorney or look forward to handling your case independently.

Find below a few examples where you may be better off handling the claim case independently.

  • Involved in a car accident incurring minor injuries

The most common kind of case would entail injuries caused by car accidents. You may be hit by the negligent driver from behind or head-on at a low speed. It may cause minor damage to your vehicle as well. The injuries suffered would soon be treated and healed with a couple of visits to a doctor’s office.

You may cover the costs of repair to the car along with the injuries suffered to the other person by filing a claim with the insurance company. In such a scenario, you could handle the claim on your own.

  • Are you confident to negotiate with the adjuster?

In the event of you feel confident to negotiate the settlement amount with the adjuster; you would not be required to seek the advice of the lawyer. You would be able to negotiate with the insurance company on your own and reach a fair settlement amount. If you have knowledge of the legal process, you should handle the case on your own.

  • You would be getting the maximum amount available

In case, you were already receiving the maximum amount for the injuries suffered, you should not waste time on hiring an attorney. There would be no point in getting a larger verdict.

Yet another scenario would be you being comfortable with researching the law pertaining to the case and the settlement process. In these situations, you could handle your claim on your own.