Understanding Why Criminal Defendants Must Have Legal Representation

Any person accused of a criminal offense in New Westminster has certain rights they should use to their advantage. One of the most important rights they are afforded is the right to be represented by legal counsel.  Although the justice system in the country is fair, it is quite legalistic. Not hiring a New Westminster criminal defence lawyer can lead to the forfeiture of the defendant’s rights and freedoms. 

Reasons Unrepresented Defendants Can Fail in Court

Criminal defence lawyers are experienced in trials and understand courtroom procedures. Criminal defendants may not have the necessary basic knowledge to defend themselves successfully in court. Statistics show that those who go to court without legal representation tend to get higher sentencing than those with representation. Likewise, a lot of innocent defendants can be found guilty because they cannot present sufficient defense before a judge or jury. 

In addition, defendants who don’t have an attorney on their side may not be able to negotiate with crown counsel for a favorable plea arrangement since they don’t have the necessary relationship and negotiation skills to get a deal with prosecutors. 

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defence Attorney

Defence lawyers possess knowledge of the legal system and have built relationships with judges and crown counsel. Effective case argument requires knowledge of the legal system. Also, this knowledge is necessary to suppress negative evidence and understand the kinds of valid defences available to defendants. Also, the relationship of an attorney with crown counsel and judges can help predict the tactics that can be used to successfully defend a defendant in court. 

Moreover, skilled attorneys usually have access to resources necessary for the establishment of effective defence. They can access legal materials and a case law library that can be helpful in resolving complex issues with a criminal case.  

Why Good Legal Representation is Worth the Cost

A lot of people choose to deal with their criminal cases without an attorney because of the costs involved. But, the majority of criminal defense lawyers charge modest rates. Also, the cost of their services must be weighed against the costs of jail sentencing and fines. A defendant who does not hire a lawyer is taking a gamble against potential incarceration or hefty fines. Although hiring a lawyer doesn’t guarantee success in trials, it can significantly increase a person’s chances of a favorable plea deal or acquittal. This is especially possible when a defendant hires a lawyer as soon as possible. Delaying can result in them missing opportunities to resolve their cases early.