Pedestrian accidents – How can a pedestrian personal injury lawyer help?

It goes without mentioning that road accidents can be critical for pedestrians. In the year 2019, pedestrians account for around 30% of road accident fatalities in the US, the highest proportion of a group apart from the car occupants, that made up 45%. There are higher rates of senior injury for pedestrians, along with motorcyclists, cyclists, and are much higher than the other road-users.

What if a pedestrian is the cause of a road accident?

When there is an accident caused between a pedestrian and a car, it is usually normal to assume that the driver of the vehicle was at fault. But people don’t realize that there are many negligent pedestrians who carelessly walk on the road, making it tough for vehicle drivers to avoid an accident. When such cases happen, the driver either hits the careless pedestrian or bends off the road, or hits another car or driver. 

There are many things that can happen when a pedestrian causes a vehicle accident. He might be liable for all sorts of damages caused to the driver and this is when the pedestrian may need to get an pedestrian accidents attorney el dorado hills ca. There are legal organizations like Correll Law Firm, PLC, that may help you with the best personal injury lawyers.

Pedestrian Liability – A few instances

Whenever a pedestrian is responsible for an accident, the driver has the right to file a charge against the pedestrian for any injury incurred due to the accident. Here are a few examples of pedestrian liability. 

  • Crossing the street in a road that doesn’t allow crosswalk
  • Not abiding by the traffic rules
  • Crossing the street after being drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • Running out on the streets without any respect and concern about drivers
  • Walking on roads that are not meant for pedestrians

These are the worst-case scenarios when a pedestrian is at fault in a road accident. 

What sort of injuries do pedestrians incur in vehicle accidents?

Pedestrian accidents are crucial as the human body can’t tolerate the injury or the damage that is caused due to a collision with a car or some other vehicle. Being hit with pounds of metal can lead to a serious injury that may include:

  • Serious bruises or deep cuts or lacerations may even lead to damage to several other major organs
  • Injuries to the head like concussion and TBI or Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Facial or dental injuries that include loss of vision or injury to the eye
  • Injury to the spinal cord leading to paralysis or loss of sensation in the limbs
  • Orthopedic injuries like broken or damaged bones or other portions of the musculoskeletal system

If you’re thinking about whether or not it is necessary to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer, you should always remember that facing an accident is never a smooth expeirence. What comes after the accident is tougher to deal with. Hence, it is always better to join hands with an experienced lawyer who can deal with the insurance company and help you recover from the serious injury.