Top Challenges Facing Legal Immigrants

Most people know at least one friend or acquaintance that has immigrated to the United States from another country. You’ve probably even heard plenty of stories about their homeland and tried their food. If you’ve ever taken the time to ask them how they came to live in your town, you might be surprised to learn all they went through to create a better life for themselves. Here are some of the top challenges that face legal immigrants today.

Getting a Visa

One of the most difficult aspects of immigrating to the United States is most often the first on the list, and that’s securing the proper type of visa. This can be a stressful and frightening experience for newcomers, so it’s important for them to choose the right immigration law firm Houston TX to better their chances of getting approved. A good law firm will guide the applicant, explaining every step along the way.

Learning the Language

Imagine starting over again in a country where you don’t understand the language. This is a very difficult period for any immigrant that has come to the States. The process takes time and is often alleviated with an English as a second language course. It’s tough to feel excluded from conversations until they begin understanding the language.

Making New Friends

For someone just arriving in the United States, making friends is the equivalent of being the new kid in class. Immigrants worry that they won’t be accepted by their peers and need to try to put forth a positive attitude. That’s easier said than done, but after an adjustment period, they make friends and gradually let their personality shine through as they gain back their confidence.

Missing Family

Even for immigrants who have secured work, made lots of friends and speak great English, the issue of feeling homesick surfaces at some point. If you think they’ve completely left their memories behind, you’d be mistaken. Missing family, friends and traditions can be heartbreaking. Even for those that left a very difficult situation to make a better life can still miss their home country.

Feeling at Home

Becoming a legal resident isn’t as easy as you might think. It’s a long road from getting a visa approved to learning another language and finally feeling at home. Being so far from their native country is never easy, but that’s the sacrifice that brave people are determined to make.