Have You Been Fired from Your Work Unlawfully?

Being discharged from your job unearths a world of unpleasant, urgent questions. How will you support your family going forward? Can you get by while you figure it out? Will this harm your chances with hiring managers as you seek new employment? Why has this happened? If you can’t answer that last question, or the given answer appears false, your next question must be whether you were fired unfairly. If so, how should you proceed?

At-Will Employment

One detail in particular deters workers from disputing a wrongful dismissal. Without an official employment contract, special civil service protections or similar union benefits, you’re likely a so-called “at-will” employee, as are most Americans. This means you can be let go at any time for any reason, but not that you have no job security whatsoever. A lawyer could potentially prove your firing was unjust and thus deserves compensation, usually rendered in the form of damages.

Discrimination and Retaliation

Whatever your working conditions, your civil rights are absolute. No employer may dismiss workers on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, nationality or other protected status. If you file a discrimination complaint or cooperate with an EEOC investigation, you’re likewise protected from backlash by your employer. Talk to an employer retaliation attorney Florida right away and get justice for your good deeds.

Illegal Orders and Whistle-Blowers’ Rights

You cannot be compelled by a company to engage in any criminal activity. Bringing such behavior to the authorities’ attention is called whistleblowing. Specific whistle-blower protections exist under the law to preclude organizations from taking retaliatory action against inside informants or their collaborators.

Bad Faith Practices

Ex-employees can take their workplace to task for failing to follow its own policies concerning their termination. Legally, these cases could be considered an implicit breach of contract, here meaning the employee handbook. Furthermore, labor tribunals tend to frown on other unfair dealings by employers. For instance, if you were abruptly let go after filing for worker’s compensation, you have a reasonable chance of being rewarded for your pains.

What You Can Do

Due to the complexity of claiming wrongful termination, hire a lawyer to represent you ASAP. An expert in the legal system and its bureaucracy can establish credible charges against your employer and pursue your interests with the proper attention to paperwork and additional demanding details. When your case reaches a judge, an attorney is able to argue your position with proficiency and prowess.

If you’ve been unduly discharged from work, don’t assume there’s no recourse. Find a lawyer. Fight for your rights!