Reasons to Fire your Personal Injury Lawyer

Anytime you hire a lawyer, you enter into a contract with both parties having responsibilities to fulfill. While you might want to work with your lawyer, there are cases when it is just not right to stay with them any longer. 

Here are the reasons to let your lawyer go;

Poor Communication

Hiring a lawyer is like taking a part of you to a conquest. The lawyer needs to update you on all the developments and the steps of your lawsuit. You will never achieve anything if you can’t have proper communication with your lawyer.

An ideal lawyer comes with a well laid done communication channel that is accessible at all times.

While some lawyers tend to let you speak to the assistants, they need to feel you need from time to time. They have to keep you updated on court dates and any other relevant information.

They don’t get you

No matter how much you want to work with a particular lawyer, they might not be in a position to understand your situation. Either they are not experienced in the field or are just not experts at all. 

You don’t have to work with a lawyer when you know they jeopardize your opportunity of winning the case. Only let them handle your situation if you can trust them to represent you and do a great job while at it.

In most cases, the lawyer would suggest to you another attorney of your field; if not, look for your own.

You Fail to Agree 

The main reason to hire a Tampa personal injury lawyer is for the counsel. Otherwise, you won’t need one if you don’t agree with their advice anymore.

One of the most common cases is when you agree on how to handle the situation. While the lawyer might vouching for a settlement, you, on the other hand, might be considering a lawsuit.

No matter what the lawyer thinks, ultimately, it is you as the client to determine what you do with your case.


A lawyer has the responsibility to behaveper the law at all times. Do not let your lawyer let you do anything you feel uncomfortable with, even if it means winning your case.  

Let the lawyer go if you feel that you have to cross some lines that you wouldn’t otherwise do. Other cases of misconduct, like compromising client-attorney privileges, and conflict of interest, call for the immediate firing of the lawyer.

Lack of Proper Representation

The reason why you are hiring a lawyer is that you trust that they will represent you in your best interest. If you feel that the lawyer is not giving your case the priority or attention it deserves, then feel free to let them go.

The lawyer must show that they are doing all in their power to make you win the case.


Like any other professional, you are free to hire or fire your lawyer at will. Before you fire your lawyer, ensure that it is the last resort. Consider talking to Anderson & Anderson on how to improve the situation.