Where do Most Accidents Occur?

Road accidents are one of the leading killers all over the world. Even though there are several safety measures to help curb the persistence of the casualties, the risks are still high.

Here are some of the road accidents high-risk places you need to look out for;

Rural Roads

From the look of things, most people expect the busy city highway roads to have many accidents. In a real sense, though, it is the rural roads that experience more accidents.

Most city roads have road signs and traffic police that manage the cars. For the rural roads, one is likely to drive without any care. The less traffic on these roads also means that you are likely to overspeed in the country. Controlling the vehicle at high speeds is quite hard, hence the fatal accidents in the rural roads.


Intersections have also proven to be another hotspot when it comes to road accidents. One of the most convents when it comes to intersections is deciding who has the right of way. The other reasons for more accidents on intersections are distracted driving, wrong turns, and other traffic violations.

Even though less fatal, intersection accidents come with damages and possible body injuries. You still need a Charlotte car accident lawyer to asses the loss and file a lawsuit for compensation. 

In the Neighborhood

In most cases, you will expect that you are safer driving in your neighborhood due to the familiarity. Well, maybe you are only secure with the risk of burglary and such cases. Otherwise, as far as road accidents are concerned, familiarity is a leading reason for accidents.

When driving within your residential places, you are likely to engage in passive driving. Your mind already knows all the signs and the state of the road. At times you get home, not even realizing how you got there.

Passive driving allows you less time to react to threats hence more accidents in familiar places.

Parking Lots and Garages

Most of the parking lots tend to bare the notice that car owners park their cars at the owner’s risk. If you ever thought that the only chance is theft, then you have to rethink it. Several car accidents happen in the parking lot.

Most drivers tend to find it hard to navigate through several stationery cars within the confined parking spaces. Cars in parking lots tend to move slow hence less fatality. It still comes with other costly damages.


The spotlights and other police check areas are some of the most dangerous when it comes to road accidents. One of the major causes of accidents in spotlights is the possibility of a driver engaging breaks late. Cases of faulty breaks also lead to crashes at these spots.

Are you involved in a car accident?

Now that you understand some of the most high-risk places for accidents, you need to understand what to do in cases of an accident. Call for medical attention and inform the police as soon as possible. Afterward, contact The Nye Law Group for experienced car accident lawyers.