How to Prepare for your DUI Case in Vancouver

Driving under the influence or DUI is an offence of driving a vehicle while being impaired by alcohol or drugs. British Columbia has some of the strictest driving impaired laws in Canada with consequences for a BAC above 0.05. A DUI conviction could seriously affect your finances as well as work and family life. This is the reason you must know the steps to take after a DUI arrest in Vancouver.

Hiring an Experienced Attorney

For a drunk driving offence, hiring a dui attorney santa rosa ca will ensure an expert evaluates your case. This will let you decide the better plea. Also, your attorney will help you gather and analyze significant evidence. Your attorney will help you get more satisfactory results for your case such as a plea bargain or case dismissal.

In all DUI cases, attorneys who deal with these kinds of cases are often approachable and passionate about finding the perfect defence to deal with your case. Usually, they can determine quickly over the phone what must be done immediately to preserve your rights to defend the allegation.

Looking Over your Papers

Determine whether you have a court date by looking over your papers. If you do, you will have an Administrative Driving Prohibition and at least one Criminal Code charge. If you can find IRP on the top right corner of the paper,  this means you have been given the get-out-of-jail card as the officer hasn’t charged you with criminal impaired driving, refusal, or over .08.

Beating a DUI

In all cases, you must not panic. You need to inform yourself about what you are facing and look for an attorney with the expertise to get you the best results. Moving slowly will have you running the risk of losing defences that are available if you hired an attorney immediately.

Never drive while over .05 or while impaired. Whether or not you are guilty, you must follow these steps if you face a DUI.