Personal injury laws are rules and regulations put in place to safeguard the rights of accident victims. The injuries sustained are as a result of negligence. Just like criminal law, a personal injury claim is not something that should be taken lightly. The injuries sustained from these accidents range from minor scratches to more severe injuries that cause immobility. In the worst-case scenario, death occurs.

When these accidentsoccur, avictim must seek legal help. A reputable personal injury attorney can help get you the compensation you deserve for the physical injuries sustained,as well as, the emotional and mental suffering.

So, what types of accidents qualify for a personal injury claim?

Common types of personal injury claims


  • Accidents


Several accidents fall under personal injury law. For example, motor accidents, slip and falls, work-related accidents, medical malpractice, and many more. In other cases, the injury may be a result of a dog bite. In such a case, it is best to ask a dog bite lawyer in Missouri on the most appropriate steps to take when filing for compensation.

All in all, if any of the above cases resulted in physical or emotional injury, a personal injury case against the defendant is opened.


  • Defamation


Some people are quick to talk ill of others, oblivious of the fact that the information might be false. When untrue sentiments are uttered and compromise a person’s reputation, the victim can seek compensation for damages by filing a personal injury claim.


  • Assault


When an individual assaults another or intentionally harms them,  seeking the services of a personal injury attorney is a viable option. Some of the most common types of assault include physical abuse, rape, as well as domestic violence 


  • Defective products


In a bid to get rich quick, some unscrupulous companies manufacture substandard products, products that contain harmful chemicals, or forget to give the correct usage instructions. When these defective products are used, they may inflict injuries to the consumer. It is in such times that victims must file a claim for bodily harm.

Where do you find the best personal injury attorney?

Normally, the stakes are high with personal injury claims.It is imperative to look for the best attorney to represent you, especially if the settlement process requires negotiations with the defendant’s insurance company. Mostly, such negotiations happen if the injury was caused by amotor accident, among other things.

Another reason why you need a personal injury attorney isto help you through work-relatedslip and fall accidents. Companies already have qualified and experienced lawyers who work day and night to prove the plaintiff was at fault.

As such, it is important to thoroughly vet a personal injury lawyer before hiring them. Do a background check to ensure personal injury claims are their area of expertise.  Go for one that has recorded a large number of winning streaks in similar cases. Last but not least, trust your gut. Go for an attorney you are comfortable with and one who will handle your case personally.