Challenging Your Termination of Employment

Getting fired can be a traumatic experience, particularly when you don’t agree with the reason you are being terminated. Often, personality conflicts with managers or other co-workers can spiral out of control and spark an overreaction from company management. 

Get All of Your Facts Straight

The first thing to do after you’ve received notice of your termination is to start writing all of the facts down. Document all relevant information you can come up with related to the circumstances surrounding your termination, with dates, times and names of other parties involved whenever possible. Creating as complete a record as possible will be a big help as the process proceeds.

Seek Legal Representation

This is something you certainly shouldn’t tackle on your own, and finding a reputable wrongful termination attorney Orlando FL will give you the best chance of coming out on top. Launching a legal challenge will normally involve filing a complaint with your State Labor Relations Board, or similar organization, and your attorney will take care of all the related paperwork on your behalf.

Gather Character Witnesses

Sometimes the company will seek to settle your case, but they may also choose to challenge your claim of wrongful termination. If that is the case, you may be summoned to a hearing in front of a Judge for arbitration. Having a couple of solid character witnesses on hand during this hearing can prove very valuable in backing up your claims. Current or former employees at the company you were terminated from make a great choice for character witnesses

If you are terminated, and you don’t believe it’s really your fault, you do have options available through the legal system. Be sure to seek proper representation and approach your challenge with a professional attitude to give yourself the best chance of prevailing in your case.

Should the dispute certainly be a legitimate disagreement between two parties then requesting employment legal advice from an employment contract lawyer will be important to determine which legal plan of action must be come to settle your situation. In most cases the lawyers for both parties will pour in the language in the contract and attempt to resolve the issue through mediation prior to taking the next step and initiating further lawsuit within the form of court proceedings. If the dispute can’t be resolved and ultimately ends up being taken up court, then this lawyer that specializes in the area will indeed be required to litigate true.