Common Reasons for Emergency Dentist Visits in Littleton

Have you ever experienced excruciating pain in your tooth at night? A dental emergency may arise from any situation, for example- a fall from stairs knocking out front teeth and a swelling in the tooth area developed overnight. You may visit the emergency dentist in Littleton for dental emergencies. This blog will discuss some of the Common reasons for Emergency Dentist Visits.

Tooth Pain

Pain in the tooth may seem to be a common problem, but sometimes the pain gets beyond control. Any dental pain at night can be hard to manage and even disrupt your sleep, and such a tooth may require immediate root canal treatment to relieve the pain.

Lost tooth

You must have seen children knocking out their teeth while playing or due to decay in the tooth. A lost tooth can lead to movement of the adjacent teeth into the free space, leading to malaligned permanent teeth. If the tooth gets knocked out due to a sports injury or an accident, it can be replanted back into the socket if reported at the time to the dentist.

Chipped Tooth

Sometimes, hard food items like nuts and chicken bones can lead to the chipping of tooth surfaces. It can also be due to any injury or accident.

The dentist can fix it with a crown or a veneer. The chipped tooth becomes an emergency if it is accompanied by pain or swelling.


When left untreated for an extended period, a decayed tooth may spread to the jawbones from the tooth. It may lead to swelling in the affected area. Sometimes, it may be accompanied by pus discharge in the area. It needs emergency drainage of the pus and immediate treatment of the swelling.

Lost Filling

It may seem a prevalent thing to lose a dental filling accidentally, and it needs immediate attention as the remaining tooth becomes brittle and may fracture easily. It can also lead to caries in the tooth, complicating things even further.

Something stuck

Usually, a piece of food may get lodged in between the teeth while eating. Sometimes, it may get stuck in the wrong place leading to intense pain and swelling in the area.


Dental emergencies need to be handled with care and utmost priority. If not treated at the time, it can further complicate the situation. Practice personal oral hygiene regularly and visit your dentist in case of any problem.