Cancer misdiagnosis claims – One of the most commonly misdiagnosed conditions

Cancer misdiagnosis is considered one of the medical conditions that is most commonly misdiagnosed (1 in 3 misdiagnosed conditions result in either death or serious injury), there has been an upturn in the reported amount of cases of cancer misdiagnosis, with an estimated 1 in 3 cases of cancer to be initially mis-diagnosed, this is a more widespread problem than people would imagine. 

In america in the year 2012 it was estimated there were approximately 12 million cases of cancer misdiagnosis with cancer of all different types including lung cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, throat cancer and others all being misdiagnosed often.

There are different categorical types of cancer misdiagnosis, one is the type where cancer is present and it is not picked up or detected, and another common form of cancer misdiagnosis is where cancer is not first detected but it is detected later.

The amount of compensation claimants could be due is unclear, however for a  wrongful death case the flat rate is £12,980 for that type of case, however the end total can be much more depending on the circumstances surrounding the claim.

Payouts for these types of claims usually come after at least 12 months, these claims are not completed quickly, they take extensive investigation and research to reach a stage of completion, with so many different things to take into account in a claim.

Research suggests that 3 in 5 cancer doctors believe the misdiagnosis rate sits at approxmiately 0%  when in reality it is closer to 1/3 (33%) which represents how a lot of the people working in healthcare are completely unaware of the broader situation and the almost epidemic level it’s reaching.

It is thought that one of the reasons cancer is so often misdiagnosed is due to difficulties in establishing the exact factors which indicate cancer, as in most cases in order to diagnose cancer it is necessary for an expert to analyse specific proteins in a procedure known as a biopsy, this can be an extremely difficult procedure and difficult to assess.

Due to the severe nature of cancer as an illness and the widespread concern from the amount of deaths that occur as a result of medical negligence the market for legal services is at an all time high for the sufferers and for the people left behind in grieving families.

Raising awareness of medical negligence and cancer misdiagnosis is a top priority for legal firms reaching out to the public about the problem and the fact that a large number of people could be due compensation, which could be a substantial amount of money.

If you have suffered or know of someone who has suffered with cancer misdiagnosis understand that there are people out there to help, with solicitors, medical assessors and all other types of professionals oh hand to help you 24/7 generally on a no win no fee structure, offering free no obligation advice.