Can You Make a Car Accident Claim For Missing Time From Work? 

Recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident can take time. In many circumstances, you will need to quit working to focus on improving. Taking a break from your job can be a difficult experience. Some employers do not provide paid vacation or sick leave. Others might be hesitant to hold your job for you at all. 

Without an income, it might be challenging to cover your typical day-to-day bills, let alone the bills incurred due to the injury. You should not be compelled to lose your job or use up your vacation time because of an accident that was not your fault. You may be able to file a claim for compensation for lost wages. Speak to an experienced car accident attorney today and get help

Can you recover lost wages after a car accident? 

You have the right to seek compensation for the harm you suffered if someone else causes the accident. Two sorts of damages can be awarded: economic and non-economic. 

Economic damages help reimburse you for the financial expenditures associated with your injury. This includes funds to cover medical expenses, the expenses associated with replacing or repairing damaged property, and missed wages. Getting an economical award should assist you in regaining your financial status before the accident. Because you were not at fault for the accident, you should not be held liable for any injuries. You can recover lost wages and other economic damages when you submit an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. 

While you can seek reimbursement for lost wages by yourself, you risk missing out on crucial compensation. It is critical that your claim is thoroughly researched and appraised. Hiring an expert attorney will put you in the best position to recover all your damages. 

Can you file a claim even if you are paid to miss work? 

Absolutely. Many employers provide paid time off in the form of vacation and sick days. It is possible that you will have to use your PTO while recovering from your auto accident injuries. 

While this might help you stay financially stable following your injury, it can also be detrimental in the long run. You can not return those vacation and sick days once you have healed. If you fall sick, have to care for a close relative, or simply need some time away from work for your mental health, you will be out of options. Thankfully, you can request reimbursement for the paid time off you were obliged to take due to the vehicle accident. An experienced car accident attorney can help you, so schedule an appointment today.