Why You Should Get Your Criminal Record Expunged or Sealed


Criminal records are meant to assist law enforcement and keep communities safe and informed. But for many, the consequences of having a criminal record are unreasonably unfair. Most people will find that hiring an attorney can make this process easier. Keep reading to learn more about how to get your criminal record expunged or sealed.

Why you should get your criminal record sealed or expunged

The consequences of having a criminal record are significant. Studies show that Americans aged 26-35 are more likely to get arrested by the age of 26 than people who are 66 or older. This means that more people than ever have criminal records.

Some difficulties people face due to having a criminal record include:

  • Difficulty finding a job
  • Harassment and stigma
  • Trouble building or maintaining relationships
  • Inability to get promoted at work
  • Difficulty finding housing

Furthermore, background checks can reveal inaccurate information. This reason alone suggests hiring an attorney to help may be a good idea.

How an attorney can help

You’ll need to know whether you can get your criminal record expunged or sealed. Expunged means the offenses are gone forever. Sealed criminal records can be accessed with a court order. Some attorneys, like those from Tully Rinckey, can get criminal records expunged or sealed.

The attorney can handle legal paperwork and gather information without making time-consuming mistakes. Attorneys at Tully Rinckey law and other law firms may even offer a free consultation.

If you choose to complete the process yourself, there is some important information to keep in mind.

  • Whether the arrest resulted in a conviction
  • The severity of the offense
  • How much time has passed since the conviction or arrest
  • Whether you followed court-ordered guidelines

In many cases, having other offenses on your criminal record can make getting your record sealed or expunged more difficult. This is another reason it may be a good idea to hire a lawyer.


Whether you realize you can’t get the job you want, or you simply don’t like the stigma you may be experiencing, getting your criminal record expunged or sealed is a good idea. Better to take charge of your life today than be turned down for opportunities because of a criminal record. While this process may not be simple, having an attorney and the right information can make getting your criminal record sealed or expunged less stressful.