Why Hire a Litigation Lawyer for Your Case?

Having to deal with litigation or a legal dispute can often be stressful for a person to deal with. However, having one of the many experienced litigation lawyers in Melbourne by your side can help make the process a little simpler. Continue reading to learn more about the role of a litigation lawyer and why you should consider hiring one to handle your case.

The Role of a Litigation Lawyer

Litigation lawyers in Melbourne can represent clients in civil, commercial and criminal cases. Their goalis to represent their client to the best of their ability and protect their client’s interests in a dispute.

The specific role of a litigation lawyer can vary depending on the type of case:

  • Civil and commercial cases −In a civil or commercial case, litigation lawyers will present your side to help give you a better chance of a favourable outcome. This will be done regardless of whether you’re defending or bringing about a claim. A lawyer can help you whether your case is brought to trial or settled through mediation or negotiation.
  • Criminal cases − A criminal case is one that’s brought against you by the Commonwealth or the State. For these cases, you might be subjected to fines, potential imprisonment or both. The process of criminal litigation cases is different. However, the role of the litigation lawyer will remain the same, asthey’ll work to protect your interests.

Why You Should Hire a Litigation Lawyer

Litigation lawyers in Melbourne can help you by guiding you through the complex legal process for your case. They’ll be able to help you gather all of the necessary evidence to build your case as strong as possible to give you a favourable outcome. Some of the processes your lawyer will help you with include:

  • Affidavits
  • Complaints
  • Discovery
  • Defences
  • Competent representation

If your case goes to trial, your litigation lawyer will be able to properly represent you, arrange for a barrister to represent you, or prepare you to represent yourself. Whether you choose to be represented or you represent yourself will depend on a variety of factors and your specific circumstances and needs.

What to Look for in a Litigation Lawyer

Finding the best lawyer for your legal issues can be difficult, as you need to consider many different factors such as their personality and legal expertise. Here are some of the most important things to look for:


It’s vital to consider a lawyer’s experience. Litigation experience is different than other areas of law. When meeting with potential lawyers, ask them about their experience with litigation and the outcomes they’ve been able to achieve for their clients.


You need to be able to effectively communicate with your lawyer. This is why their personality should be an important factor to consider when comparing different lawyers. You should feel comfortable working alongside your lawyer and have confidence that they’re doing whatever is necessary to get you a good outcome.