Suffering from Post-Concussion Syndrome: How Serious Is It?

A teenage driver is crying after having her first car accident.

Victims of car accidents, bicycle accidents, and slip and fall can suffer a head injury including a concussion. This injury can have prolonged symptoms that require extensive medical care. If you are one of these victims, it is only normal to seek compensation or your injury, especially if your accident was caused by the negligent action of another party. When you suffer symptoms that don’t seem to subside for a long time, you may be dealing with a condition called post-concussion syndrome.

This condition stems from an initial concussion, which is a mild brain injury that results from an impactful head trauma or violent head shaking. Post-concussion syndrome can occur even if the trauma is not intense. Even a slight concussion may bring on this condition if you had a head trauma or concussion before, has a history of depression, has experienced early symptoms of headache following an injury, and experienced mental changes such as amnesia or fatigue. Victims may feel the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome within the first seven to ten days of their concussion. Because of the complexity and severity of your condition, it is best to work with a Car accident attorney Grand Junction when you are seeking compensation for it. 

Common Symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome

If you have post-concussion syndrome, you may experience anxiety, headaches, blurred vision, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, memory loss, insomnia, and others. These symptoms can happen when you are at rest or engage in physical activity. Dealing with any of these symptoms for a while can impact your ability to function every day and work. Apart from the need to manage the daily effects of these symptoms, you may not be able to engage in normal daily activities. 

Is There Treatment for Post-Concussion Syndrome

Those who have this condition should take a rest and let the normal recovery process of their brain heal the damage that resulted from the injury that caused the initial concussion. But, a lot of medical experts will prescribe patients pain and migraine medications. If a sufferer has mental health symptoms, they will be referred to a psychiatrist, so they can be prescribed antidepressants and psychotherapy. Treating the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome involves several treatment options. But, those who suffer just a few symptoms may go through therapies to reduce their effects. 

Should Sufferers See an Attorney?

Those who sustain post-concussion syndrome after an accident caused by another party may need to see a personal injury attorney. This depends on the cause of their injury. The victim’s medical record will offer evidence of the cause of their injuries and their attorney will use this support their claim.