Rockford car crash: About consulting an accident attorney

Female Motorist With Head In Hands Sitting Next To Vehicles Involved In Car Accident

It is hard to think straight after a car crash in Rockford. If the accident caused considerable impact, you may have a tough time remembering the minute details. Your immediate concern should be about seeking medical help. Accidents that cause injury, death, or/and property damage worth $1,500 or more must be reported in Illinois. In your best interests, you may also want to consult a Rockford auto accident attorney. Hiring an attorney is more of a personal choice. There is, however, no denying that seeking legal counsel increases your chances of getting a fair settlement. In this post, we are sharing details about meeting an accident attorney. 

Reasons to hire a lawyer

Illinois follows the comparative fault rule. If you share blame for the accident, your eventual settlement will be lowered by your degree of fault in percentage. In the real world, insurance companies often try to shift blame and use bad faith insurance tactics. You should consider hiring a lawyer, if 

  • You had part share in fault
  • You don’t know what or who caused the accident
  • You have suffered serious injuries
  • You have entailed significant losses
  • There was a commercial vehicle involved

Meeting an accident attorney

The first meeting with an accident attorney is the most important one. Just because you believe that you deserve compensation doesn’t always mean you have a case. A skilled personal injury attorney will focus on the key aspects of the car crash, if you have fault, and what you can expect in compensation. Ensure that you are completely transparent with your attorney. 

Cost of legal representation 

Personal injury attorneys in Illinois typically work on a contingency fee for car crashes and accident claims. If the lawyer agrees to take the case, they will not ask for an upfront fee. When you win a settlement (if the lawyer can get that), they will ask for a fixed percentage of the final amount, not exceeding 40%. Ask the attorney in advance about the possible expenses of the case and expected settlement, so that you can take an informed decision. 

Take immediate action

You have two years, as per the statute of limitations in Illinois, to file a personal injury lawsuit. The count starts from the date of accident. It is best to consult and attorney soon after the car crash, so that they can investigate and build the case from day one. 

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