Online Mugshots in Florida

After a law enforcement officer investigates a situation and process to make an arrest, they will transport them to the appropriate sheriff’s office and be booked and processed. 

During the procedure, the individual’s personal information will be entered into the government database. The purpose of mugshots is to help people and government officials identify known threats to society. 

If anyone has been arrested, their booking information, including their mugshot, is available to the public. Anyone has the right to request and have access to public records that don’t violate listed exemptions. 

With Florida recording over 600,000 arrests annually, the state holds millions of mugshot records within its database. 

How to Find Mugshots

Currently, Florida’s public record laws give anyone, even if they are unaffiliated with government agencies, to post mugshots online. Florida mugshots have always been made public records, but before, people had to make requests in person. 

With a few clicks of a button, you can find and have access to billions of Florida public records right at the tip of your fingers. Sites like Busted Mugshots and Been Verified help online users search for people’s information such as criminal records, addresses, and even phone numbers. 

These websites actively crawl the internet and online sources for personal information and post it on their platform its hopes it will be of value for their audience. 

Mugshot Exploitation

Although mugshots may play a vital role in our society, people have noticed a significant flaw. Once a person is arrested, and their information is entered into the government database, their online mugshot can appear before a court decision has been made. 

People whose charges have been dropped or otherwise resolved without a conviction discover that their mugshot has been posted online, and when they request it to be removed, they are asked to pay a content removal fee. 

If you think that mugshot websites are exploiting arrested individuals, know that you’re not alone. Florida has shown a strong stance against mugshot exploitation. 

For example, the 2013 House Bill 677 was proposed that would require such websites listing personal information to remove their information if the person was acquitted or the charges were dropped. Failure to do so would result in legal repercussions.

Can You Remove Online Mugshots

Yes, first identify the website that is currently listing your personal information, then contact an appropriate website administrator to learn more about their content removal process. 

If you decide to proceed, then the last thing to do is officially request it. Not that hard, right? Removing online mugshots may be simple at first, but if your information is on multiple sites, then it is found to be difficult and time-consuming. 

Taking early online reputation action prevents your private information from spreading onto other platforms and minimizes the damage it can do to your life. 

If you prefer to seek professional help to ensure that your needs are carried out efficiently, most people turn to online reputation management companies. 

They will assess your situation and execute your personalized solutions to make sure that your life lives stress-free.