Looking for injury lawyers in Ontario? Avoid these mistakes

Have you sustained injuries in an accident in Ontario that wasn’t your fault? You are not alone. Thousands of personal injury cases are reported in California every year. Thankfully, the state laws are very claimant friendly, and you can sue the at-fault party for their action and negligence. For that, you may want to hire an Ontario, CA personal injury lawyer. Below are some mistakes you must avoid while looking for attorneys. 

  1. Never hire an injury lawyer who is too busy. If an attorney’s office was not prompt to respond to your distress calls, or you had a hard time getting an appointment, do not hire the lawyer. While lawyers are busy people, they cannot take their clients for granted. 
  2. Never pay an upfront fee. Criminal and family lawyers usually charge an hourly rate or work on a retainer fee. Either way, you have to pay the lawyer in advance for the work. However, injury lawyers work on a contingency fee, which is only payable when you win or recover a settlement from the other side. 
  3. Never delay hiring an attorney. States have a statute of limitations that sets a period for filing personal injury lawsuits. In California, the deadline is two years for most personal injury accidents. If you want to lawyer up, do not delay the decision. Also, delays may make it hard to find evidence in time. 
  4. Never hire an injury lawyer with no trial experience. Personal injury cases are typically settled without a trial. Going to court is an expensive option for the claimant and defendant alike. However, you should hire an injury lawyer who has represented clients at trial, because you never know how things may shape up. 
  5. Never hire an attorney who doesn’t explain their work. Clients have the right to ask questions when hiring an injury lawyer. If an attorney doesn’t want to talk about their work profile, top cases, or is hesitant about sharing references, you should look for other options. 

No matter the circumstances, lawyers are expected to offer a free assessment of the case and share their review. If you find an attorney is too hard to reach or doesn’t offer clear answers for your questions, you can check online for other options. Top law firms in Ontario have their websites, where you can find necessary contact details. Don’t delay your decision to seek legal counsel because you don’t have a lot of time to pursue your case.