Life After Divorce: Invent a Better You

Divorce is the end of your marriage, but it can be the start of a better life. Reinvent yourself and embrace a new version of your future. Here are six ways to reclaim your life.

Let Go of the Hurt

Some divorces are fairly amicable, but even if you have a hostile contested divorce Tampa you can let go of the acrimony. You do not necessarily need to forgive your ex, but do not dwell on anger or resentment. Those feelings may be justified but continuing to hurt does not serve your best interest. Let go of the pain and get ready to grasp joy.

Learn a Lesson

Once you can look back on your relationship with clarity, try to glean a lesson or two. What did you learn about yourself? What do you plan to do differently in future relationships? Do not dwell only on what went wrong; remember the good moments as well. Be proud that you had the courage to try.

Set Goals

Did you set aside some of your own dreams for the sake of your marriage? Now is the time to pick up where you left off. Finish writing that symphony, go back to school, switch to a vegan diet.

Maybe you were married so long that you no longer hear your own inner voice. If you are not sure what you want to pursue, take this opportunity to explore at will. No one will be around to criticize your ideas or talk you out of your plans. The important thing is to accomplish something important to you, no matter how small; meeting goals can boost your confidence.

Embrace Change

Many things are changing, some of which you cannot control. Friends may abandon you or side with your ex. Bills can pile up as you adjust to a new financial normal. Retain a feeling of control by taking symbolic actions that empower you. Make a gourmet meal your ex would have hated. Rearrange the furniture. Throw out possessions you do not love.

Get Outside

Nature seems to have a unique and mysterious way to soothe the human spirit. In nature, you see that endings are also beginnings and that death is part of life. Studies going back 50 years or more have shown that nature is essential to your mental health and overall well-being.

Be Gentle with Yourself

You will not heal overnight, and your progress will not always be steady. Setbacks are simply part of the process. Keep moving forward and you will discover your own inner strength.