How To Write A Demand Letter For A Car Accident Personal Injury Claim

Knowing the basics of writing a winning demand letter for your car accident personal injury claim can settle your case sooner than you think. After an accident, people usually hire an attorney and go straight to court for filing a compensation claim. However, if you want to settle things quietly without the hassle of legal proceedings, you have the option of sending the liable party or their insurance company a demand letter. 

While it may seem too good to be true for the liable party to pay your compensation after simply reading your letter, there is no harm in trying. However, you must pick your words carefully while writing them for the best outcome. A Lehi, UT car accident lawyer who has dealt with cases like yours before can significantly help write the perfect demand letter. 

Basics of writing a good demand letter 

  • Be polite. 

Even though you may be filled with anger after the accident, remember that being kind and polite goes a long way. Reading your anger-filled letter may cause the other party to get enraged as well, which will make your letter useless. Instead, mention details of your needs clearly.

  • Give them a date.

At the end of the letter, make sure you mention the amount you will need to cover your damages and ask them to make the payment within a specific date. 

  • Tell them you will be going to court. 

Conclude the letter by telling them that if a reasonable amount is not paid by the specific date, you will consider hiring an attorney and file a lawsuit against them. 

What information should you include in the letter?

You must inform the defendant that they are liable ones in the accident by stating correct facts. Give a detailed account of how the incident unfolded. You may also mention reports from the police or the witnesses to support your case. Further, you must mention that you shared no amount of responsibility whatsoever. Even if you feel like you did, it is better not to mention it until the other party does. 

Emphasize how much the accident has affected your life. Do not be shy when writing about your injuries, pain, and how long it will take to return to your normal life. Mention the financial, emotional, or psychological losses you incurred because of the incident; however, you should not be exaggerating. 

Attach documents supporting your statements 

Your words are not worth a penny if you fail to provide documentation to support them. Your medical records are crucial in compensation claims. Make sure you attach all documents of your injuries with the letter, as well as your medical bills. If you were fired from work for not working due to the injury, attach your termination letter and demand for lost wages. Attach copies of these documents and keep the originals with yourself.