Broke a Bone in a Car Accident? Let a Skilled Lawyer Help You Seek Compensation

A person can break their bones for a variety of reasons but this is common in car accidents due to the impact and the force involved. Broken bones and fractures are serious. They can result from trauma in car accidents, other injuries, or bone diseases. A broken bone is particularly serious when several compound fractures develop. Generally, fractures call for immediate medical attention. A skilled houston car accident attorney has extensive experience in helping victims of car accidents with broken bones who want to pursue a compensation claim. 

Common Bone Injuries that Result from a Car Accident

Broken bones from vehicle crashes can be quite serious. Thus, if you believe you have a broken or fractured bone, you must see a doctor immediately. Your doctor might recommend that you get physical therapy or surgery to correct the problem. The following are common bone injuries that can be suffered in a car accident:

  • Rib fractures. These fractures are commonly sustained in side-impact or front-end collisions. They can be quite painful, especially when you laugh, breathe, or speak. 
  • Back fractures. Car accidents can lead to back and spinal cord injuries as well as nerve pain and damage. 
  • Pelvis fracture. During a forceful car accident, your pelvis can be broken in different places. You may need surgery to fix your broken pelvis. 
  • Broken leg or foot. In a lot of auto accidents, the legs and feet are usually the ones who receive the impact. Such pressure can break your legs and feet.  
  • Wrist fractures. Your wrists are fragile and can get injured or broken in a car accident. The fracture can lead to limited mobility in the wrist even if it has healed. 

Treatment for Broken or Fractured Bones

After a car accident, you need a thorough medical examination right away. Although some fractures are apparent, others can be hidden. For example, a skull fracture can usually be diagnosed only when a patient is completely examined by a doctor. But, this kind of fracture could threaten your life when left untreated. A fracture that does not heal p ropery could result in infection or permanent disfigurement. 

Typically, medical experts order diagnostic tests like X-rays when they suspect a fracture. When diagnosed, the affected area may be immobilized or splinted for days. Since the area around a fracture may swell, the doctor may apply a permanent cast until a few days later. 

If you sustained a broken bone in a car accident, you may be eligible for compensation. Get in touch with an attorney to know your legal options.