Why Fewer than Half of Corporate Law Depts. Embrace Legal Tech

A recent industry research report showed some surprising numbers regarding corporate law departments and their use of legal tech. Fewer than half of those participating in the survey use the latest legal tech tools designed to make what they do easier and more efficient. The big question is, why? It...

7 Ideal Traits of a Criminal Defence Lawyer

If you are charged with a criminal offence, getting the assistance of criminal lawyers in Sydney is extremely important. That said, you cannot hire any lawyer to help you out. There are some important qualities you need to look out for before you hire someone. To facilitate your search, remember...

How to Deal with Foreclosure at the Time of Divorce?

Keywords: Foreclosure Divorce, filing for separation, legal separation A couple that goes through a foreclosure while going through a divorce need to be aware of many problems that can arise due to two simultaneous processes. These are some of the top questions to consider during a Foreclosure Divorce.  Who will...

How To Find A Reputable Bail Agent In California?

Any family or friend arrested is already a traumatizing event for everyone. However, in such a case, it is vital to consider ‘bail’ as an initial step. If someone you know in California is arrested, the individual has a right to bail according to the Eighth Amendment by the Criminal...

Making Sure You Are Comfortable in Your Senior Years

Old age happens to most people but it is something that not enough of us actually plan for. People put it off for a variety of reasons, not thinking they are that old yet, not thinking their family needs legal papers in place, wanting to save money, not thinking they...

4 Benefits That Reputable Civil Litigation Firms Offer 

There are different kinds of frauds that prevail in the business and employment sector. Whether having an unmanageable dispute with your trading partners or dealing with monetary losses due to employers or employees, your best option lays with Civil Lawyers. Civil litigation law protects people involved in different kinds of...
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