Making Sure You Are Comfortable in Your Senior Years

Old age happens to most people but it is something that not enough of us actually plan for. People put it off for a variety of reasons, not thinking they are that old yet, not thinking their family needs legal papers in place, wanting to save money, not thinking they will have any issues to face. However, if we are lucky we do reach senior years, and it is better to make the important decisions before you are no longer able to. With the help of an elder lawyer Toms River or one close to you rather than facing financial, health care and legal issues during an emotional and difficult time, you can make sure you are comfortable.

An elder law attorney New Jersey can help you plan in advance so that you can enjoy an easier life when you are older. Elder lawyers have focused their learning and career on the law that specifically relates to people in their senior years. They are the best option to talk about things like financial security, long term care, quality of life concerns and estate planning. By focusing in an area of the laws that is specifically relevant to older people they become experts at it. Typical planning they can help with includes (but is certainly not limited to);

Planning for disability – Through options like durable power of attorney, living trusts and living wills a lawyer can aid you in healthcare and financial decisions should you become mentally or physically unable to make them at a later date.

Tax and estate planning – An elder lawyer Toms River can offer advice on managing your assets while you remain living and their distribution when you die via things like trusts and a will. If you have a special needs child or a partner that needs arrangements made to see them supported when you are gone, that can be planned for too.

Planning for medical care – It is a fact of life that as you age your ability to earn an income drops but your medical costs and needs often increase. While there are special programs that the government offers to help with elderly care the number of places and resources are very limited and the application for them and who qualifies is always being changed. Having an attorney whose job it is to understand and stay on top of such things can really help your chances.


There are other issues an elder law attorney in Palm Beach Gardenscan help with, things like retirement help, working in your senior years, guardianship needs, claims for social security, issues within a nursing home like senior care abuse and advance care directives. If there is something specific you need help with, find an elder law attorney that has experience in that particular issue. Experience really makes a big difference in all aspects of the law.

Check local directories, online and maybe if there is a family lawyer ask for a referral to an elder lawyer. Talk to the ones you like the look of before making a final decision when you are dealing with sensitive issues like these, you want to feel safe and comfortable talking to the lawyer you finally choose.