Accusation Of Fraud: Why You Need To Seek The Help Of A Lawyer

Whether you are accused of financial fraud, identity theft, check fraud, or corporate or tax fraud, rest assured that we will be able to defend you and enforce your rights, no matter the situation. Regardless of the nature of the fraud, being accused of this offense can cause much harm. If you are accused of a fraudulent act, have the reflex to refer you to a lawyer. 

Recognized for accurately defending my clients, I work tirelessly to meet their needs. In addition, with passion and meticulousness, I defend the causes that I support so that my clients can benefit from the best possible defense according to their situation.

The role of a fraud lawyer such as a phoenix drug crimes lawyer for example is to listen to you, evaluate the evidence presented against you, and find the best solution to the charges you face. Since each case is unique, it is therefore important to exhaustively study the evidence to give you the true picture. In addition, he must prepare you for your trial and to document your defense properly.

What Can Be Considered A Fraudulent Act?

According to some Criminal Code, a person who uses trickery, lies, or other deceitful means, whether or not constituting pretenses, is guilty of an indictable offense and liable to imprisonment for a maximum of fourteen years if the value of the object of the offense exceeds 5000 dollars for example.

  • Lies
  • Hiding essential information
  • Exploiting the weakness of others
  • Misappropriate or usurp funds without authorization¬†
  • Using or making false
  • Committing an offense relating to cards and bank accounts

Why Do Business With A Fraud Lawyer

If you choose to entrust me with your case, my priority will be to avoid a conviction or the imposition of a prison sentence. My personalized service and my attentive listening make me a fraud lawyer of choice to accompany you in your legal proceedings. A charge of fraud and a criminal record can seriously impact your life.

When Do You Need A Banking Lawyer

Abnormal Overdraft Fees

The same goes for your overdraft fees. These must be communicated to you in your contract, and if the amount debited following an overdraft does not correspond, you are entitled to demand a refund from your bank. Always keep a written record of your requests so the banking lawyer can more easily help you.

If you find yourself overdrawn due to manipulation by your adviser, who may, for example, make a mistake in a transfer or a transaction on your bank account, you do not have to pay overdraft fees. If your bank refuses to reimburse you, you can contact a banking lawyer to find out what to do.

Too High-Interest Rates On A Loan

When you sign for a loan, you will notice exorbitant fees in the months following this signature compared to what had been announced. You are potentially facing fraud, and if a discussion with your bank adviser does not solve the problem, it is essential to seek a banking lawyer as soon as possible to restore the initially planned direct debit.

Many other situations require the attention of a banking lawyer such as in Law Offices of Brandon White, P.C. for instance. For example, during a fraud on your bank card for which you object but still find yourself paying fees, or during a loan renegotiation involving excessive and unjustified fees. If you have the slightest doubt, seek a banking lawyer as soon as possible to avoid losing too much money.