Top Reasons why an Attorney might Reject your Case

Even though not believable to most, a lawyer has the liberty to accept or decline your personal injury claim.

Here are some of the reasons why a lawyer would reject your suit. 

Lack of Liability

The only time when a lawyer would take your case is when they can establish liability. Before the lawyer takes up your personal injury claim, they have to run their tests to determine who is at fault for the accident. They also need to establish if the responsibility is worthy.

The law allows your compensation even when you are responsible for up to 50%. If the lawyer determines you are responsible for more than the compensable level, then there is no need to take up the case.

When the Case is too Expensive

Most Hastings personal injury lawyers work such that you only pay once you have got your compensation. It implies that the lawyer has to invest their resources in collecting and submitting evidence. In some cases, they have to seek for expert evidence collection and witnesses. 

Having worked with several other cases, the lawyer knows when investing in your case is worth it. If they feel that they will invest without any sensible return, then they won’t waste time on it.

Conflict of Interest

Every lawyer has to adhere to the strict regulations and codes of conduct when handling your case. Irrespective of the case, any lawyer must excuse themselves when they realize a situation of conflict of interest.

Some of the instances of the conflict of interest are when they have prior relationships with the defendant. Failure to let you know of a conflict of interest is misconduct that comes with consequences like the loss of license.

Inability to understand one another

Even though an attorney might be capable of working on your case, you might not just hit it off right. Some of the possible causes of not getting each other can be on a failure to take advise.

The other instance when a lawyer can reject your case is when they don’t understand it or cannot handle it. They might not have the expertise in your field or limited resources to invest in the preliminary stages of the case. In such cases, the lawyer is likely to suggest other attorneys.

Rejection by Other Lawyers 

While they might seem like competitors, lawyers are some of the most cooperative professionals. In rare cases would a lawyer pick up your issue after rejection by other attorneys. They first have to understand the reasons for the other lawyers rejecting you. It is the reason why most lawyers would suggest to you other people handle your case. Otherwise, it would be hard shopping around for lawyers after your first rejection. 


However willing a lawyer might want to work on your situation, there are some cases when they have to let you go. Work with Conway, Pauley and Johnson, P.C. to reduce your chances of missing out on a lawyer. They major in a variety of law fields and have the resource for any nature of the case.