Things You Should Know About The Personal Protection Orders

It is possible to get a PPO from the court to prevent further harassment or assault. If someone is harming you physically or emotionally, threatening you, or pestering or stalking you, a PPO may assist. You may apply for a PPO when you are concerned about your well-being or freedom. Read below to Learn more about protection order in Singapore here.

Which PPO Plan Is the Best for Me?

You need to prove to the tribunal that your abuser will harm you physically, make threats against you, harass you, or follow you to acquire a PPO in a domestic situation. You additionally bear the burden of proof to prove that you and the attacker have a domestic connection.

If indeed the abuser is any of the following, you and the abuser are domestic partners.

  • Your spouse (current or former)
  • The other parent of your kid
  • someone you know or once shared a residence with
  • A former romantic partner

When it comes to domestic violence, a protective order may prevent the abuser from doing the following:

  • When someone walks into your house or another establishment
  • Attacking, hitting, molesting, or otherwise injuring you or another individual
  • Calling for your or someone else’s death or serious injury
  • Taking your kids away from you if you’re the legal parent
  • Obtaining or keeping a firearm
  • The attacker makes removing your children or belongings from a residence they own or rent difficult.
  • Creating problems for you at work or in the classroom by disrupting your work or disrupting your studies
  • When your home or place of employment telephone number or address is included in a file about your and another person’s kid, the youngster can access both of your contact details.
  • Always following you

As well as this, if there is anything else that someone does or says that makes you feel unsafe or causes you to fear for your safety, then you should report it.

After filling out the papers, you may request certain safeguards, but ultimately, the court will determine what restrictions will be placed on your PPO.


When you and your abuser do not have a domestic connection, a non-domestic PPO might help protect you from further stalking.

If you want a PPO because of stalking, you’ll need to establish that there have been two or more incidences. If someone is harassing you in a way that causes you to fear, they are engaging in stalking.

This may be persistent stalking, threatening phone calls or messages, or unwelcome visits to your home or place of employment.

Personal Protection Order for Victims of Sexual Assault Outside the Home:

A non-domestic (sexual assault) PPO is intended to protect an individual who has been guilty of sexually abusing you or has previously threatened to sexually attack you, even if you don’t have a domestic connection with that person. Minors may be sexually assaulted if they receive or are threatened with obscene material.