Four Types of Personal Injury Claims

People who sustained injuries in accidents can get the justice and compensation they deserve by filing a personal injury claim. A serious injury can leave a victim thousands of dollars in medical bills and weeks of missed work. If you are an accident victim yourself who has suffered a serious injury, the justice system can help you become whole again by letting you pursue a claim through a civil court. A Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer can help prepare all the paperwork you need for your claim and represent you in trials. This post talks about the different kinds of personal injury claims that can be pursued by victims, depending on the accident they were in:

Car Accident Claims

Car accidents can happen because of distracted drivers, poor road conditions, poorly maintained cars, and other reasons. If a victim is injured in a crash, they usually hire an attorney to ensure they receive compensation to cover their medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. 

Premises Liability Claims

Slip and fall accidents can occur due to poorly maintained walkways, uneven stairs, unsteady stairwells, spills, ice and rain, and other reasons. Usually, such injuries result in significant settlements since they may require extensive or long-term medical care. Other kinds of premises liability claims include dog bites, swimming pool accidents, shelve items falling on people. 

Product Liability Claims

Every product made available to consumers is expected to be functional and safe. However, some products hit the market even if they are not 100% up to standard.  Manufacturers may not discover issues with their products before the release. In other instances, they discover errors but don’t fix it them because they find that doing so is costlier than paying to settle lawsuits. 

People who get hurt, contract an illness, or sustain an injury after using a poorly designed, made, or marketed product can file a personal injury claim to receive compensation for the harm caused to them.
Sometimes, product liability cases can involve several liable parties. This is especially true in car accidents that happen because of malfunctioning brakes and other parts. In such cases, victims can hold the component manufacturer, the assembly company, and the distributor of the components liable. 

Medical Malpractice Claims

Settlements for this type of personal injury case are usually high, with some leading to millions of dollars. Usually, these cases happen when a care provider fails to diagnose, incorrectly diagnoses a condition, and harms a patient when performing a surgical procedure.

Because of medical injuries, patients can experience pain, health problems, and limited mobility forever. A victim can bring a lawsuit against a doctor who oversaw their care, hospital administrators who failed to keep their environment safe and well-maintained, or facility owners.