When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the common questions that people ask is, “when should I hire a personal injury lawyer?” You can get injury from an accident, such as a car crash, motorcycle wreck, or bike. You can also get injured through a slip or fall. This may make you to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. 

A personal injury lawyer provides you with all the legal representation when you physically get hurt because of another person’s negligence. This article gives you some of the instances that should make you hire a personal injury lawyer. These instances include:


  • If you have been physically injured due to another person’s negligence


If you have faced injury or accident because of another person’s negligence, then it is vital to hire a personal injury lawyer.  The lawyer will pursue the legalities of the case. Hiring a personal injury lawyer has plenty of benefits such as getting the right amount of compensation, having somebody right behind you, and handling all the hassle and stress that comes with a case. 

If you opt to handle your injury claim, the insurance company is more likely to offer you a minimum compensation since they don’t want to run a loss.


  • The severity of your injury


Not all injuries need the services of a personal injury lawyer. If you have a minor and you are available to handle the legal and insurance claims yourself, it would be advisable to settle the claim without hiring a lawyer. But if you receive a severe injury that will take time for you to heal completely, and this period of recovery will affect the daily schedule of your work, then you will need to hire a personal injury lawyer. He or she will try to help you get the settlement that you deserve for the period that you cannot work. 


  • If you can afford it


The budget you have will also determine whether you can hire a personal injury lawyer or not. You should ask yourself if you can fund the case successfully and pay the charges that the lawyer will levy. The fees of the lawyer will depend on various factors. For instance, if the damages caused upon you are high, and you want to get the person responsible be punished.

 These kinds of cases may take a while and so you must pay the lawyer their fees for this. Additionally, the experience and reputation of the attorney also play a role when it comes to fees. Experienced and reputed lawyers charge more. It is advisable to hire a lawyer on an hourly rate or charging basis as they are cost-effective.


  • If the insurance company is refusing to pay or offering a considerably low amount


Insurance companies may sometimes use awful tricks to try and avoid paying the claims of an injured person. The tactics may include blaming you for the accident, unreasonable delays in your claims process, or refusing to pay you your settlement. A personal injury lawyer understands these tactics, and he can put an end to the tactics and ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.