What Are the Causes of Heavy Machinery Accidents in Albany?

Most construction sites are extremely dangerous, which is why a lot of warning signs will be displayed on and in the surroundings of the site. One of the main reasons why accidents at construction sites are dangerous is the speed at which they take place. By the time you realize that something wrong is going to happen, everything will be done. You will not have any time to take action as everything happens suddenly at the construction sites. 

As most workers at the construction site are unaware of the how-to recover for the additional damages by filing a construction accident case, it is better to take the help of a construction accident lawyer. If you are in search of the best Albany construction accident lawyers, choose a law firm like Powers & Santola. The accident lawyers here are experts in dealing with heavy machinery accident cases on construction sites. 

A lawyer who has handled construction site disputes knows what kinds of evidence to collect in order to create a liability case. Most of you may not be aware of how much amount to claim in your case, and a lawyer can help you in such a case. When you hire a construction accident lawyer, he or she will ensure that you get maximum compensation. 

Heavy Machinery Accident Case Causes in Albany

When comes to heavy machinery accidents, they can occur due to several malfunctions and errors. Continue reading to know about the causes of heavy machinery accident case cases in detail. 

  • Falling when attempting to on and off machinery.
  • Being crushed beneath a building.
  • Getting stuck between machinery and wall.
  • Being dragged by the machinery.
  • Lack of proper supervision at the construction site. 
  • Lack of proper training for the workers. 

Construction vehicles and equipment, like any other vehicle or piece of machinery, require regular maintenance. Supervisors and construction workers must guarantee that broken or malfunctioning machinery is repaired, in addition to dealing with regular wear and tear. Tires that have deflated, glass that has cracked, and other faulty equipment can all cause accidents.

Some of the accidents on construction sites are caused by operator error. Acts of extreme carelessness, such as speaking on a mobile phone when working, playing around are some of the causes of construction site accidents. Occasionally, the operators might make an honest mistake. You will be eligible for workers’ compensation or you have to file a third-party personal injury lawsuit, depending on your case.