How to Avoid Traffic Accidents

Most traffic accidents are inevitable, that’s why you should always have a car accident lawyer at hand to help you just in case you run into trouble.

But there are some simple actions capable of greatly reducing the risk of accidents. If all drivers and pedestrians become aware that traffic safety is a shared responsibility, streets and roads will become safer places.

Do you want to know some good practices to prevent these events? Follow this reading and find out!

Assess Your Physical Condition

The first step is to do a self-evaluation. Before you get behind the wheel, always ask yourself if you are in a position to drive the vehicle safely, remembering that tiredness can affect your behavior in traffic.

After all, fatigue and sleep are some of the main reasons for drivers to fall asleep and get off the road, running over pedestrians. So, no driving if you are in these conditions, agreed?

Do not use Your Phone While Driving

Did you know that using the phone behind the wheel increases the chances of an accident by up to 400%? And don’t be fooled into thinking that just a glance is not dangerous, because a few seconds to read or send messages is decisive.

Think about it: when handling the device, the driver may take too long to react to a sudden stop of the vehicle in front or not even see a pedestrian crossing the lane. Thus, it can cause a collision or be run over.

According to the current traffic legislation, drivers can only use their devices after parking their cars, with the engine off. If the cell phone also serves as a GPS, it must be fixed by suitable support on the windshield or the panel.

Avoid Sudden Lane Changes

Always signal when changing lanes and only do this when you are sure that your attitude will not pose risks. But don’t just rely on the mirror, because the car has blind spots. Turn your head to watch the vehicles around you. This reflex will reduce the possibility of side collisions.

Take Care, Do Not Over-Speed!

Drive on a safe margin for road conditions, considering factors such as lighting, asphalt wear, rain, and the number of vehicles and so on. Speeding not only causes you to lose money on fines but also reduces reaction time on the track. Therefore, always follow the speed indications of signs on streets and highways.

Do Not Drive When Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

In addition to respecting the zero-tolerance stipulated by law, common sense is necessary: ​​not driving while under the influence of alcohol prevents many accidents. So if you are going to drink, leave your keys at home and use public transport or call a taxi service.

The above tips if applied well can help reduce most car accidents. But just in case you run into a collision, the first step would be to contact your legal attorney.  That’s where the Bronx car accident lawyer comes in.  Get professional lawyers to represent you when faced with a car accident.