Getting arrested is something not to be proud of. It is a devastating experience that is most likely to affect your quality of life in one way or the other. The possibility of facing jail time puts your life and that of your dependants in jeopardy.

In this article, we are going to look at the various ways in which going to jail affects your quality of life.

Let’s delve into specifics.

  • It is costly

In most states, criminal convictions carry hefty fines that may leave you and your family in debt. For instance, you may pay fines of up to $2000 for driving while intoxicated – and this is only for first-time offenders. The fines may escalate further for repeat-offenders.

Also, the court may require you to pay additional costs and other relevant fees if your case involves a property crime. That is why a criminal defense attorney is your first line of defense against criminal convictions and also if you are looking to safeguard your finances.

  • Loss of job opportunities

The last thing any responsible adult wants is to lose their primary source of livelihood. However, an employer can fire you following a criminal conviction. Besides, you might lose promising career-advancing opportunities because most employers perform a criminal background check before hiring. 

What’s more hurting is the fact that professionals like medics may have their licenses revoked or the licensing board may refuse to issue them with one.

  • Loss of education opportunities 

Imagine you got a once in a lifetime educational opportunity, only for you to get suspended or expelled on account of a criminal conviction?

At the very least, the educational institution might require you to explain yourself in front of the school’s disciplinary committee. Also, it may result in being ineligible for federal financial aid, meaning you might be required to pay for the school on your own, without any financial help.

  • Loss of driving license

A DUI conviction might lead to a court revoking or confiscating your driver’s license. This alone makes it hard to move from one place to the other.

To get the license back, you will be subjected to difficult processes that include paying additional fines and fees.

  • Limited housing options

Finding housing can be a headache after serving a jail term. Landlords are reluctant to house convicted felons in their estates, especially if their crimes involved crimes against humanity, drugs, violence, robbery, and sex. This is one of the reasons why you need to seek the services of Chicago trusted attorneys to fight your battles.

  • Immigration problems

If you are an immigrant and are caught up in criminal activities that lead to convictions, the chances of facing deportation significantly increase. 

Additionally, if you are a visa or green card holder, the immigration office might reconsider your status, as the law may classify the crime as an ‘aggravated felony.’

All in all, criminal convictions adversely affect the quality of life. As such, it is important to seek the services of a reputable lawyer to help you through it. Furthermore, we are all innocent until proven guilty.