Chantel Grant Of GM Law Firm, LLC Continues Volunteer Work

Over the last few years, Chantel Grant has been recognized in both South Florida and in her home state of Minnesota for volunteer work in the community. The lawyer, who is a senior partner at GM Law Firm LLC, has always been a firm believer in helping others. This goes back to her early days growing up, and now as a professional she is more active than ever.

Grant’s first opportunity to really give back to the community took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was able to mentor through the Big Brother, Big Sister program for over three years. She connected with Jazzy, a girl who needed a role model in her life to reach her full potential.

Grant made sure that Jazzy was able to stay on track throughout her years in school. She not only helped with studies, but also financially with groceries, school supplies and more. Thanks in part to Chantel Grant Boca Raton’s ability to help, Jazzy was able to turn her life around and have a hope for the future.

After college at the University of Minnesota, Grant made the trip down to Miami to attend law school at the University of Miami. She has quickly throw herself into volunteering world in South Florida. A lot of her volunteering has some connection to working in the law field, but giving back to the entire community and touching different lives is important.

One place Grant is particularly passionate about is the Palm Beach legal aid. This organization is dedicated to helping women and children afford legal representation. By helping them out, they can get the assistance they need without feeling like they are at a huge disadvantage.

Helping out current inmates is also a big focus for Grant. She has been able to really focus on helping with gun reform so that people are in a much better place once they are released from jail. By going in the jail system and giving back, she hopes that other lawyers will do the same in the future. She works directly with Gun Club Jail, and she even helps those who are interested in the law as a potential field to get into down the road.

Grant has always been into sports, and she has been able to work some of her passion into volunteering. She has volunteered at youth soccer camps in the past, and she even gave back during the 2007 Super Bowl in Miami. At times, he does not even think of that as truly volunteering, because it is an enjoyable experience to say the least.

Finally, Grant’s work with organizations connected to animals is what really seems to set her apart from a lot of her colleagues. She donates to a number of organizations in the south Florida area including Milagro, Bird Garden of Naples, and Animal Friends Project, Inc.

Animals have always been extremely important to Chantel Grant Boca Raton since she was a young child. Now living in South Florida, she feels as though many can benefit from helping out all the unique wildlife and domestic animals in the area. She’s even a member of the Florida Bar Animal Law Section, helping out those people who need her assistance legally.

As busy as Grant is, her goal is to donate even more time and energy to things she is passionate about in the future. She is a firm believer in helping out those people who could use a helping hand at one time or another. Instead of only focusing on herself and her practice, getting involved in the South Florida community is something she definitely enjoys doing to say the least.